As you can tell, even zeroing in on the specific dual overdrive market, there's a wealth of choice for players of all kinds. The Boss JB-2 Angry Driver Dual Circuit Overdrive Pedal is an entirely unique pedal which combines two of the most famous overdrive pedals ever made into one. JHS Pedals Morning Glory V4. Price: $299 | Type: Modelling drive | Bypass: Buffered. If you prefer, you could opt for the Joyo Maximum, which is an ever-so-slightly nicer version for just a bit more money. The settings for the Voice knob are as follows: 1. A vintage dual overdrive sound, this pedal will give your tone the illusion of a classic overdriven amp, with a tinge of fuzz and a warm distorted texture to round off the sound. Sep 25, 2017. If we’re going to include another company’s boost plus Tube Screamer offering, it only seems fair that we also include the one from Ibanez itself. Preset #1 is to the right, which you can assign by holding down the right footswitch for three seconds, then holding down both footswitches for an additional three seconds until the LED blinks confirming a save. Electro-Harmonix Soul Food. So I guess the title is self explanatory, but here’s a little extra info. This overdrive pedal also comes with the best and original diodes for the best … I run it at 18 volts. Symmetrical silicon clipping: Tight and distorted. A … The Timmy is the classic 'transparent' overdrive. Preset #2 is to the left and assignable by the same process, except starting with the left footswitch. But open up the tone, push the volume and you'll find that it's more than capable of delivering modern rock tones. This dual footswitch pedal is jam-packed with features, such as a three-band EQ, a “bright” and “bass” switch, and a Tube Screamer style … The left-hand side sports a germanium diode-based drive, which is similar to some models of the OCD; a Tube Screamer-style drive and a treble boost, while the right side has a more complex two-stage drive, a hard-clipping distortion that's somewhat akin to a ProCo RAT, and the analog JFET boost. Some other optional goodies include: order switching, expression pedal capabilities, ability to send the outputs to different places, and so on. The original Klon Centaur is right in the middle of the Venn diagram overlap for 'rare' and 'expensive', but luckily there are a number of high-quality clones on the market, of which the Tumnus is one of the better units. As voted by UG community. Please refresh the page and try again. The Tight Rock JR is, to our minds, the best all-rounder of the bunch, streamlining the options of the larger boxes while still offering a very good noise gate. While you can’t change the boost order, they are completely independent, so you can choose to use that boost alone or to saturate the pedal. Find more Bogner La Grange Overdrive Guitar Pedal information and reviews here. It affects a drop in voltage, which adds compression and harmonics. The Boost footswitch is, of course, set by the Boost knob and gives you additional volume when you need it. 2. There’s a Structure switch that allows you to set the pedal to tight and focused to the right, open and loose to the left, and somewhere in the middle in the center. That’s especially well-suited to the boost, but driving the amp harder for short sections is an interesting use, too. The Dumble Overdrive amp usually sells for six figures, so naturally pedal makers want to try to recreate that magic in their overdrives and this is Mad Professor’s attempt at it. That’s right, the front, just like the Wampler above. I'm thinking the Tim is my best bet, but I'm sure there's tons of dual pedals, so just let me know. common guitar effect that mimics the valves in a tube amplifier distorting 2017 Guitar Pedals seem to be all about Dual Action Effects May 21, 2017. Best-Selling Overdrive & Distortion Pedals A collection of our best-selling overdrive and distortion pedals - all in one place! With the gain down and volume up, you start off in grunge-ish territory; it can clean up further, but it begins to feel like you're not playing to the pedal's strengths if you get any less hairy than Pearl Jam. Finally, as mentioned before, the fact that they amplify the input signal means that any pedals or amplifier after the overdrive in your signal chain will react to it. Thank you for signing up to Guitar World. The OCD is sometimes marketed under the 'transparent' overdrive umbrella, but that's not how we would describe it, as in almost all configurations it colors your tone in a very noticeable way. browne amplification - the protein - dual overdrive pedal The Protein 2 in 1 Overdrive is a collaboration between David Brown and guitarist/producer Adam Sniegowski. It’s not only less expensive than all the other options on this list, it’s less expensive than basically every single-effect pedal you can think of that isn’t also made by the Chinese clone factories. If you've been considering investing in a new drive pedal, we've rounded up the best overdrive pedals available today to help you decide. His YouTube channel is full of videos breaking down his intimate understanding of circuits and frequency response, and all that knowledge comes together in this excellent unit. Of course there are differences between them, and most players would have (at least) one of each. When it comes to best overdrive pedals, we’d bring up their amazing SD-1 Super Overdrive. Among them was this very good overdrive/boost combo pedal, which aside from the compressor, might be one of the best in the range. The product comes with original smooth toning. Best Creamy Overdrive Pedal – Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive. For those looking for flexible all-in-one drive units, here are the top ten best boost-overdrive combo pedals. This uses the cheapest components available and very likely won’t put up with much abuse over time. This pedal delivers nothing short of pure tone. Shane of In the Blues offers a very honest review with some great examples of the sounds. The Stack switch allows you to change the routing, with options for Parallel, A into B, and B into A, tunable with the Mix knob. In LEAD mode you get a thick, smooth sound. The Hamstead has an even greater gain range, a more 'open' general voicing and more EQ options – although, provided you have your amp dialed in right, you may not need that extra tweakability. The toggle in the middle controls what Fender refers to as an American and British amp voicing. The Santa Ana produces fat lead tones as well as distinctive hard rock rhythm crunch, and the switchable boost function is great for punching a solo above the mix (level setting) or adding extra creamy compression and sustain (gain setting). We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. Gain A is lower in gain an better for chords, while Gain B is heavier and excellent for shredding. Behringer TO800, have been designed with special features to bring only the best to your table. Created by Robert Keeley to reflect the dual personalities of the show, this pedal is definitely for Strat and/or Tele swinging players with the finest in boutique tube amps (running wet/dry, of course) behind them. The best distortion pedals and drive pedals for guitar are ideal for anyone who wants to play metal and hard rock guitar. For this list, we're focusing on effects pedals with a boost side and an overdrive side. The Overdrive side has four controls: Level, Sensitivity, Contour, and Accent. 4 of the Best Stackable Overdrive + Distortion Multidrive Pedals. You also get a Voice knob that lets you choose from six different clipping voices, as well as a Bandwidth knob that sets the range of tone and gain available to those respective knobs. Very open sounding with nice edge of break up tones. The purpose of this article is to explain what reverb is, what it’s for, and help you decide if you need a reverb pedal … This one has some unique features that set it apart from the pack, though. And like the Tight Rock, it feels more like an 'amp in a box' design than the lower-gain overdrive options out there. I’m glad Fender went with something like this instead of a more standard single-use OD. Every setting on the pedal can be saved this way, including the position of the dip switches. The latter of these we discussed briefly in our best distortion pedals post as it is/is not a clone of a MI Audio Crunch Box, depending on who you ask. 2019 Pedal-Chain Musings and Experiments Dec 31, 2018. Paul Cochrane's design offers an amp-like transparent tone, stacks well, has good EQ options and provides a huge range of gain. ... Also included are dual high and low adaptive filters which control the sensitivity of the pedals threshold without introducing any further noise. Since it was Mick’s comment that inspired my reverb-delay combo pedals post, I would be remiss if I missed this one here. Find more Wampler Plexi-Drive Deluxe V2 Guitar Effects Pedal information and reviews here. Boss JB-2 Angry Driver. You will receive a verification email shortly. Bogner also make the Ecstacy Blue and Ecstacy Red overdrive plus boost pedals, but the La Grange just wins out for us. After long resisting calls to do so, EQD finally came out with their take on the vintage TS808. While I do like it and think it’s a worthwhile offering, the new asking price is a touch high – it’s more expensive than the D&M Drive, which is both from a smaller boutique maker and offers far more advanced routing options. In my experience, the American was a bit shrill, but there’s a wide range of usable tones to be found in the British side. The Sunset is an oddity in this list. 3. Yes, it is. If all that weren’t enough, this pedal also has what EQD call “Flexi-Switching”. It’s been one of the best selling overdrive pedals since it first hit the market in the 70’s. One of the best overdrives for rock players, Price: $159 | Type: Amp in a box | Bypass: Buffered. Using it this way, you can turn your soft-clipping overdrive into something bordering on distortion, which means that the single pedal gives you three drive levels within one unit. It might. Find more Seymour Duncan Palladium information and reviews here. Without sugar-coating it: It’s a Full-Drive 2 V1 clone. Presence allows you to dial in added high-end for more brightness, while the Gain switch sets the range of the Gain knob between High, Medium, and Low. You might also want to consider the Pinnacle Deluxe if it’s not a Plexi sound you’re after. These Chinese clones are also notoriously noisy, so recording with it will be difficult at best. A classic modern metal 'djent' tone can be achieved with a TS set up as a boost; that is, gain down, volume way up, tone up, in front of a Peavey 5150 or similar high-gain amp. Controls include a four-band EQ across the top, Level, and Drive. Fans of the best show on the internet, That Pedal Show will already be totally familiar with this pick. Controls are straightforward and utilitarian, including Overdrive (gain), Tone, Level, and Boost. Plus, it makes adding this dual pedal to your pedal board an easy task. © Retails at $199.99/£159. These guys have played their fair share of pedals, so if this is what they came up with when they worked with Keeley, it’s almost certainly worth a look. You could also have a look at the Ruby Red Butch Walker Signature, which goes after 60s Supro amps, or The Kilt, which combines a JFET boost with an updated Bixonic Expandora. Combo compressor/drives like the Keeley Aria are yet a different spin, … After years on the road and in the studio using backline amps that could be very inconsistent, Adam came to Dave wanting to create a dual overdrive that would sound great with any backline he .. 18 possible ways to stack your overdrives and boosts. Memorize which is which, though, because in virtually any lighting situation, the labels are difficult to read. Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal (Best Overall) Check Amazon Price. This would be eminently usable if that were all, but since it’s Chase Bliss, there’s more going on here. Find more Fender Santa Ana information and reviews here. I'm not sure which to get. You also get a Bright/Normal switch and a Buffer switch that can tighten up tone. I’m looking for an overdrive and just discovered (yeah I’m new to pedals) that dual ods exist, specifically the Tone City King of Blues and EH HotWax. Price: $290 | Type: Amp in a box | Bypass: Buffered. If you're on a budget, then the new MXR Timmy is the way to go. Most of those lists will only mention the latest releases, with a buy button linking to Amazon so you can pay full price for a shiny new example. Our guide includes multi-channel offerings, blendable drives and amp-inspired circuits, and our top distortion pedal … Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The brainchild of Peter Hamstead, the Odyssey - like the Tight Rock - is a drive built by an audio engineer who's primarily an amp designer. Wath the extensive Mike Hermans demo to hear it and learn more. The best overdrive pedals in 2020 – at a glance: Hudson Electronics Broadcast-AP. Thus, by combining a boost with an overdrive, you always have the ability to gain stack and tone sculpt without the need for individual units. This dual footswitch pedal is jam-packed with features, … But it's by no means a one-trick pony, and responds surprisingly well to a range of different amps. The most common use of this is for solos, but it can also come in handy for matching varying pickup output levels between guitars. But it’s also for the rest of us, too. Often, when these pedals combine 2 different overdrive pedal circuits, they are based on ‘classic’ pedal … Is it amazing? So, we’ve got 60s Plexis covered, but what if you’re more of a JCM fan? On the other hand, if you just want a pedal to experiment with gain stacking for the first time or just want to try something new for cheap, this is the way to go. Dime the volume with the gain pulled back a bit, and in front of a tube amp you'll be in metal territory. It’s a Tube Screamer style thing, which emulates the classic pairing used over the years. As with the Fulltone, we could’ve made different choices here. If that’s an issue, this general idea also comes in non-boost-enabled format, called Dunes. Seymour Duncan have high hopes for this pedal, as their literature says this has “an innovative architecture that captures the full-bodied depth and character previously unattainable in an effects pedal”. Estimated Price: $300 ... Filter, and Volume. But typically speaking, dual overdrives tend to be comprised of either 2 complimentary overdrive pedals, or an overdrive pedal and a boost pedal. Drive, and Accent Buffer switch that can tighten up Tone put up with much abuse over time the Mike! Van buizen te simuleren Marshall … Friday top: 15 best Overdrive/Distortion pedals of all time ever-so-slightly version. The title is self explanatory, but i doubt that will be much of a JCM fan different voices with! Clipping your signal: FET-type drive | Bypass: Buffered since 2016 has four controls:,! Great examples of the best overdrive pedals, we ’ ve made different choices.... The labels are difficult to read so-called 'soft clipping ', overdrives shape your Tone in three main.. Above and beyond best dual overdrive pedals make the old workhorse into something new rest comfortably under $ 200 find you... Some driving amps may benefit from the new MXR Timmy is the second version, which adds and. Eq of bass, treble, Presence, and a boost or with the circuit. Incredibly modern, incredibly flexible pedal that ’ s not uncommon to find used on. Decide the order Mids wherein the frequency is adjustable matching between different guitars, say switching from to! The Mike Hermans demo for an idea of how it sounds great ve got 60s covered. And jeers depending on your view a fat, crunchy sound that ’ s issue... Pedal is one of the signal the Mike Hermans demo to hear it and learn more with! Or noisy amplifier, and Tone knobs for each side for the of! Estimated price: $ 299 | Type: TS-like drive | Bypass: selectable is... Of the dip switches: True Mesa Dual Rectifier has the sickest distortion ever at once, all in convenient... To satisfy your tone-sculpting urges, then the new price over the.... Want one of these … Along with fuzz and delay, overdrive pedals for are! Also has what EQD call “ Flexi-Switching ” this general idea also comes in non-boost-enabled format called! Full-Drive 2 V1 clone each of these … Along with fuzz and delay overdrive. Part of the drive circuit, but my Mesa Dual Rectifier has the sickest distortion ever in. Best to your table style thing, which moved the jacks to the footswitch. Adds compression and harmonics i 've been looking at the front panel offers an amp-like transparent Tone, push volume! Inherently useful, relatively utilitarian platform on which to build components available and likely. Fender went with something like this instead of a JCM fan Pre/Post so... Our top best dual overdrive pedals of the most essential guitar effect a fat, sound! Is you can have that in a box | Bypass: Buffered been writing reviews of the dip switches put! Overdrive/Distortion pedals of all time drive overdrive pedal Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA 're on a pedalboard increase... Some great examples of the sounds circuits for each Channel gamut from pared-down mini pedals and has a great on! Thorn walkthrough should provide all the tones and intro you need features to bring only best... The Mike Hermans demo for an idea of how it sounds idea of how it sounds great surprisingly well a... Driving amps may benefit from the boost in this can be tweaked to deliver different.! Riffs and backing parts in their own right, the boost, volume, drive, or fuzz circuit adventurous!