pic.twitter.com/tuIyGmYNhv. In Sacramento, Warren Stanley, the California Highway Patrol’s first African American commissioner, waded into a crowd at the state Capitol, defusing tensions after telling protesters that Floyd’s death was “totally unacceptable.”. I had an email exchange with a passionate young citizen from Simi Valley that is organizing the Protest march on Saturday. clock. And, with the peaceful march in Simi Valley on Saturday, he acknowledged he had been wrong to suggest protesters should stay away. The four officers on the scene have all been fired. It will be the city's position to protect the rights of those who choose to protest. Protests for racial equality, woven between bouts of looting and vandalism by opportunists, continued Monday as Southern California residents started to pick up the pieces from a … Sacramento on Saturday halted a nightly curfew that began Monday and ended its use of National Guard troops who had been deployed to aid law enforcement after many buildings in the city’s downtown were damaged a week ago. The end. Brown, 18, said her family moved from North Hollywood to the mostly white and conservative suburb about a decade ago in search of better schools and safer neighborhoods. After months of delays and pandemic upheaval, California officials on Tuesday released the long-awaited Master Plan for Early Learning and Care, a 113-page blueprint to remodel the state’s Byzantine child-care system and dramatically expand public preschool. Using Facebook, under the group We’ve Had Enough: Gila Valley Mask Mandate, residents who oppose a face covering requirement have called for a protest outside the Graham County Chamber of Commerce building on Saturday. The large turnout of white protesters “is sending a powerful message. Categories: News, KCBSTV, Top Story. And, with the peaceful march in Simi Valley on Saturday, he acknowledged he had been wrong to suggest protesters should stay away. As you say "in the light of what has happened across our Country." ... Mikiiya Foster, a black teenager who is organizing a protest on Saturday, shot down Judge's explanation. Fyi the protest is this Saturday from 10:00am - 1:00pm on Sycamore and Cochran. Marvel said that is why the U.S. needs a national standard “to mandate that all peace officers have a duty to intercede, to raise the bar for use of force training standards for all peace officers.”, This is the power of a collective voice — this is Los Angeles. In Huntington Beach, a line of police officers separated a crowd of people protesting against police brutality and a group of counter-protesters who waved American flags and signs supporting President Donald Trump. One of the dozens of protests that took place across Southern California Saturday was led and organized by a recent high school graduate. Samedi 20 août 2016 de 18:30 à 21:00 PDT. Police can’t operate without community trust, he said. ", A post shared by MALCS de CalStateLA (@malcsdecalstatela) on Jun 5, 2020 at 4:15pm PDT, USC, Jefferson Blvd. 1 of 52 Tiana Day marches with others on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Saturday, June 6, 2020, at a protest in response to the death of George Floyd. Inspired by the continued Black Lives Matter protests across the world please join local Simi Valley youth organizers in making these demands to the Simi Valley Unified School Dis For information on Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) visit the PSPS page. A demonstrator wipes tears from her eyes during 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence during a protest, Saturday, June 6, 2020, in Simi Valley, Calif., over the death of George Floyd. George Floyd Protests Continue on Saturday. Over a hundred protesters gathered this morning at City Hall and Grand Park. clock. Ongoing protests are continuing this weekend across the nation sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of ex-Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. Fairfax, Pan Pacific Park, 7600 Beverly Blvd, 12 p.m. Rancho Palos Verdes, Trump National Golf Club, 1 p.m. West L.A., Wilshire Federal Building, 11000 Wilshire Blvd., 2 p.m. West Hollywood, Plummer Park, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd., 10:30 a.m. Century City, 10250 Constellation Ave, 12 p.m. Around the country, protesters are expressing rage and mourning after the death of George Floyd, who died on Memorial Day after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes as he begged for mercy before becoming limp and unresponsive. Hosted by Camarillo Cares. We'll update throughout the day. Event Calendar for City of Simi Valley. GET THE BEST OF LAIST IN YOUR INBOXSign up for our daily newsletter to receive the latest on local politics, food, culture and the absurdities of L.A. life. ... Simi Valley, Calif. Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press. Sponsored By. 10 a.m., protesters will gather in Simi Valley to mark the Rodney King verdict that resulted in rioting in Los Angeles; 10 a.m., a peaceful protest at King Hall at Cal State LA. The Simi Valley Public Library, Senior Center, and Cultural Arts Center remain closed to the public. The public is invited to remember the 12 lives lost Nov. 7, 2018, by visiting the Healing Garden established in the victims' honor. Our news is free on LAist. For the latest updates on COVID-19 visit the City Resources page. The Simi Valley Democratic Club is calling for Simi Valley Councilman Mike Judge to resign after a series of Facebook posts he shared this week about the George Floyd protests. Brian Marvel, president of the rank-and-file Peace Officers Research Association of California, which represents more than 77,000 individuals and 930 associations, on Saturday called for a national police use of force standard patterned after a pair of new California laws that were spurred in part by Stephon Clark’s death in 2018 after he was shot in Sacramento by police officers. Protests over the death of George Floyd were held in cities around world on Saturday. For information on Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) visit the PSPS page. In 1992, the trail for the police who beat-up Rodney King was moved from Los Angeles to Simi Valley, after claims that jury members in L.A. would be too biased. In Los Angeles, City Attorney Mike Feuer said he is working on a plan to handle curfew violations outside the courts, in a way he said “will be designed to be productive, rather than punitive.”. Nearly 4,200 Guard troops are deployed across the state, officials said Saturday. Live video from The Sacramento Bee showed Stanley spending about a half-hour talking with individual demonstrators after dozens jumped metal barricades and briefly confronted a line of officers clad in riot gear. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. He says anyone opposing it needs to understand that racism still exists in Simi Valley. It was the latest local government to ease or end curfews that resulted in the arrests of thousands of demonstrators. A small group of counter-protesters also made an appearance today. Luke Bryan (Rescheduled from 10/10/2020) Find tickets Sat, Aug 28 - 7:30 PM. The officer charged with Floyd's murder, Derek Chauvin, has a, A post shared by MALCS de CalStateLA (@malcsdecalstatela), A post shared by USC Black Student Assembly (@uscbsa), A post shared by Refuse Fascism (@refusefascism), The False Dichotomy Of Protest Coverage So Far, What Happens After George Floyd? The gathering, organized by Move the Needle, had two purposes. Floyd, a black man, died on May 25 after a white Minneapolis police officer put his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes while he was handcuffed and lying on the ground. National Guard headed to LAPD HQ bringing water and MRE's (as @chavatweets1 noticed) pic.twitter.com/Bpx5ziLRKe. Floyd died after he was restrained in police custody on Memorial Day in Minneapolis. A man holds a poster reading “Living yes, surviving no” during a demonstration Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020 in Paris. The protesters have been concentrated in a few different areas along the two-mile route, including at Tapo Canyon and Alamo. A diverse crowd of thousands of demonstrators outraged by the death of George Floyd tied up San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge with the acquiescence of authorities on Saturday, another sign of how their message has resonated even with law enforcement officials in recent days. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill) Demonstrators are demanding justice for black Americans killed by police officers, as well as asking officials to defund the L.A. Police Department. SUBSCRIBE NOW $1 for 3 months. Midcity, Cochran Baptist Church, 1304 S. Cochran Ave., March to Wilshire Police Station, organized by Chochran Avenue Baptists Church Social Justice Minisgtry, 9:30 a.m. Koreatown, Liberty Park, 3700 Wilshire Blvd., 12 p.m. Najite Agindotan's drumming team of the Olokun Cultural Group perform at the #BlackLivesMattters protest at Liberty Park in Koreatown. California Leaders Are Considering Reparations, LA Civil Rights Leader On Police Brutality, Protests: We're In The Last Battles Of The Civil War, KPCC/LAist Reporters Tear-Gassed, Shot With Rubber Bullet, Black Lives Matter-LA Leader Explains 'Very Deliberate' Choice To Demonstrate In Upscale Neighborhoods, LA Councilman Mike Bonin: 'We Need To Pay Attention To The Violence Of Systemic Racism', These Recent Events Are A LOT — Tell Us Your Story Or Ask A Question, Mis Ángeles: George Floyd Should Be Home With His Family Right Now, George Floyd's Death Is One Of Many Reasons Activists Are Pushing For A 'People's Budget' In LA. (military-style meals) for the day. "I mean I've had my fair share of racism being in this town in the eight, nine years that I've been here, so it's definitely prevelent," he said. Saturday, June 6th's protests show that Simi Valley is a city begging for change. (Photo by Michael Owen Baker, contributing photographer) A … Downtown L.A., Peaceful Protests For Us By Us, 8 a.m., organizers say their goal is "to encourage California officials to take action and help their citizens fight injustice, especially within the black community. Protests continue throughout the … Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. Entrepreneurship Crash Course - Simi Valley. ", The four officers on the scene have all been fired. About 2,000 people attended the Simi Valley event, according to a Simi Valley Police Department spokesman. About 2,000 people attended the Simi Valley event, according to a Simi Valley Police Department spokesman. Here's what we're seeing on the ground. The Simi Valley Public Library, Senior Center, and Cultural Arts Center remain closed to the public. TMZ Compsite. “To see there were almost 2,000 people there today, it makes me feel so good,” Brown said. A demonstrator wipes tears from her eyes during 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence during a protest, Saturday, June 6, 2020, in Simi Valley, Calif., over the death of George Floyd. Jason Michael showed up to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Images from Saturday, June 6, show the scale of the protests against police brutality and racism, following the death of George Floyd. pin. Thousands March In Simi Valley To Protest Police Brutality, City Councilman Comments. I don't think I did anything wrong, except maybe post a joke that was in bad taste.". I have been called the N word, spelled with an A and a hard R,” Brown said. The three other officers were charged this week with aiding and abetting Chauvin's actions. The march went off Saturday … Save Holiday Cruise at Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center to your collection. "I mean, everybody knows about it. But Hugs Are Welcome. On Friday, Gov. Tow trucks held off car traffic in both directions, and police directed vehicles caught in the middle of the bridge to go around protesters who eventually moved off the roadway peacefully. SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — Amazon's decision to protest the Pentagon's cloud computing contract hasn't delayed Microsoft from working on the colossal Joint … I am posting the exchange for transparency sake. On Saturday, marchers there carried signs with messages such as “We stand together” and “Change is now.”. Newsom announced for California, Residents in city of Los Angeles to ‘remain in their homes’ amid COVID-19 surge, mayor’s office says. The anti-police brutality protests continue for an 11th day in Los Angeles. With a new lockdown looming, many rushed out to supermarkets Saturday and lined up outside salons to squeeze in a haircut before the orders in some areas take effect on Sunday. Afficher la carte . Organisé par Led Zepagain. Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list. SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- One of the dozens of protests that took place across Southern California Saturday was led and organized by a recent high school graduate. America Protests Miami. You can see protests are happening around this world, and so I’m hoping change will happen.”. FivePoint Amphitheatre. Blair Sebastian Toles of Van Nuys handed out flowers to protesters, who created makeshift memorials. The four officers were found not guilty. These Thousand Oaks parents rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after getting a call from their son that had been shot at a protest Saturday. Good morning from DTLA. SIMI VALLEY (CBSLA) — Protestors took to the streets in Simi Valley on Saturday in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, following the deadly arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Mulholland, PCH, Arroyo Parkway: LA, What's Your Favorite Street To Drive And Why? Simi Valley 24-year-old hospitalized after getting struck by less-lethal bullets at LA protest Protestors blocked the intersection of Hollywood and Vine this afternoon, later marching down Sunset. In Berkeley, protesters staged a raucous New Orleans style-funeral procession on city streets, replete with dancers and a brass band, to “bury” racism. Saturday night, November 29th in Thousand Oaks, over fifty people braved the cold, it was under 50 degrees which is cold for Southern Californians. Demonstrations in recent days have generally been boisterous but non-violent. He had feared a march in Simi Valley would turn violent because of "the target" he said the town has had on it since … Gavin Newsom called for outlawing the hold. Danielle Chetrit, 22, who is white, said she felt compelled to join the Golden Gate march. The National Guard was spotted heading to LAPD headquarters, with water and MRE's (military-style meals) for the day. Categories: News, KCBSTV, Top Story. FILE - In this Saturday, June 6, 2020, file photo, a demonstrator speaks during a protest, in Simi Valley, Calif. over the death of George Floyd. Saturday brought the largest protest in London thus far, where thousands braved the rain to meet in Parliament Square. Around the World. Simi Valley school on alert after coach tests positive for COVID-19 Peaceful protest in Simi Valley organized by teenager Simi Valley hospital goes virtual to care for patients from their homes Photojournalist Chava Sanchez is documenting visuals. Court to decide whether Jewish heirs’ case to reclaim art they say Nazis forced ancestors to sell can stay in U.S. Simi Valley Town Center All times eastern. On Monday Judge posted a meme of protesters on Facebook with this caption: "Wanna stop the riots? There will be a planning meeting to prepare for this protest. Sponsored By. To make sure you get our coverage: Sign up for our daily newsletters. The Simi Valley Public Library, Senior Center, and Cultural Arts Center remain closed to the public. The protest began at Cochran and Sycamore, with demonstraters marching about two miles to Simi Valley City Hall. If racism exists, he's 'never' seen it, Simi Valley cop-turned-elected official says. SIMI VALLEY Several thousand protesters gathered in Simi Valley this morning and afternoon. He had feared a … In the last year, Mike Judge, a Simi Valley councilman and Los Angeles Police Department officer, has been scrutinized for posting links on his Facebook page to racy and suggestive websites. Smaller protests were also held in Fillmore and Camarillo on Saturday. Corner of Cochran & Sycamore in Simi Valley. Businesses are restricted; a statewide curfew is … firefighters increase containment of 7,375-acre Bond Fire, 21-year-old Fort Bragg paratrooper from Chino was decapitated, autopsy finds, What you can do if you lose work due to COVID-19, Submit a coronavirus-related question, suggest a segment, Newsom’s stay-home order set to take effect in SoCal this weekend after ICU capacity drops, Lawmakers question why Gov. One family reports that they lost a goat Saturday night to what they believe is a mountain lion. Newsom wants to close playgrounds under stay-at-home order, Lancaster to form its own public health agency due to frustration with L.A. County’s COVID-19 rules, U.S. suspends federal student loan payments through January, As hospitals cope with COVID-19 surge, threats of cyberattacks loom, ‘Parks and Recreation’ star Aubrey Plaza talks new psychological horror ‘Black Bear’ from her bathtub, Sheryl Lee Ralph on what to expect for the ‘Divas Simply Singing Telethon’, Holiday gift ideas for the fashionista with Vince Camuto, Director Jed Tuminaro talks about directing the MLB official 2020 World Series film with LA Dodgers, ‘Pair of Thieves’ donates 50,000 pairs of socks for National Sock Day, LA Pride organizers under fire after seeking police permit for Black Lives Matter solidarity protest, Advocates sue LAPD over protest tactics, alleging disabled homeless man was shot in face with rubber bullets (Warning: graphic images), People out protesting should wear masks, self-quarantine for 2 weeks, L.A. County health official says, Health experts say stay-at-home orders are possibly the only way to slow rapid COVID-19 spread in CA, ‘I don’t know if we can recover from this’: Business owners react to California’s new stay-at-home order, Critics say California’s new blueprint for the future of early education is built on shaky ground, Magnitude 3.2 earthquake strikes near San Diego, 82-year-old man seated in travel scooter is severely injured in Boyle Heights hit-and-run collision, Observation wheel in San Diego’s Balboa Park wins preliminary approval. KLOS Whiplash Presents Disturbed Find tickets Mon, Aug 23 - 7:00 PM. Organized by the USC Black Students Association, A post shared by USC Black Student Assembly (@uscbsa) on Jun 5, 2020 at 11:17am PDT, Please Join Homeless Hook Ups this Saturday as we March for Justice here in our Highland Park Community!!! “There are no words to capture the level of disgrace that I feel about these senseless killings,” she said. SAN FRANCISCO — Thousands of demonstrators filled the streets in San Francisco, Sacramento, Simi Valley, San Diego and other locations across California on Saturday… For complete coverage of the situation in Minneapolis … Struggling California recycling industry faces new crisis with coronavirus, Cheesecake Factory settles charges that it misled investors on impact pandemic was having on business, Sherman Oaks restaurant owner says county’s dining ban will ‘crush’ her business, Joe Luna, L.A. comedian known as Joe El Cholo, dies after battle with COVID-19, Here’s what’s in the new regional stay-at-home order Gov. Ivan Meneses. The officer charged with Floyd's murder, Derek Chauvin, has a history of misconduct. 4.3K; 235 5/9/2020 12:55 PM PT Exclusive. I have been in contact with our police chief and the city manager. pin. Protests took place in Hollywood, near the USC campus, in the Fairfax district and San Pedro. "Every single person in America has their right to peacefully protest," she said. Online • Simi Valley, CA. | Politics. 1765 Royal Ave, Simi Valley, California, California, US 93065. @KPCC @LAist pic.twitter.com/4tsSwLFZEW. The protest in Simi Valley was organized by two black teenagers — Mikiiya Foster and Alyssa Brown — who grew up in the area and just graduated from high school. Entrepreneurship Crash Course - Simi Valley. Reporters Aaron Schrank, Josie Huang and Stephanie O'Neil are on the ground today. Hello Ms Foster I would ask you to re-consider this protest march, and call it off. It was there that four white Los Angeles police officers were found not guilty of beating motorist Rodney King, sparking riots in 1992. Simi Valley Sanct. Hollywood and Vine right now. On Saturday, marchers there carried signs with messages such as “We stand together” and “Change is now.” The protest in Simi Valley was organized by two black teenagers — … Our city has for too long been known for racial injustice and our leaders have an obligation to promote justice on all levels of our city. A fight broke out on the side of the counter protesters and police made “a couple of arrests,” Officer Angela Bennett told the Orange County Register. ", A post shared by Spencer (@spenzo8) on Jun 5, 2020 at 10:02pm PDT, CalState L.A., King Hall, 10 a.m. Organizers say "We stand in solitary with our Black brothers, sistars, queer, trans, and non binary family."