Please find the user guide and ACE-Q materials in English and Spanish below: ACE-Q User Guide ACE-Q CHILD ACE-Q TEEN ACE-Q TEEN (self-report) Materials in Spanish: […] A six-item dispositional self-report index called the Children's ope Scale is introduced and validated for use with children ages 8-16. 95 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 97 /H [ 781 522 ] /L 186550 /E 73759 /N 26 /T 184532 >> endobj xref 95 17 0000000016 00000 n The HOPE Teacher Rating Scale items have been well-developed and subjected to research using more than 12,000 diverse students in five validity studies to date. Second, you should be aware that your scores are derived by comparing your answers against those of other people who have completed the questionnaire. questionnaire. in an educational setting where hope has been identified as predicting achievement). ª¸Ì¾~ê”CÔèÊÊGÅ&wŠíøÐ1©ec1›¯´EɯÏOLÒðÙÉõnßG'•ggæ[@•ü|¨âyq®”÷aÈÍé0ÀÀlV¤”MÜ@L[P ¢ì?µ Publication year for the most recent version: 1997. 0000000781 00000 n Shoemaker (1980) found support for “area-specific self-esteem as a valid construct.” Self-esteem significantly associated with: social class (home) Main constructs measured: Intrapersonal competencies. The Resilience Scale, developed by Wagnild and Young in 1993, was created and validated with a sample of older adults (aged 53 to 95 years). This scale consists of 25 items and the results have been found to positively correlate with physical health, morale, and life … The adult hope scale (AHS) measures Snyder's cognitive model of hope which defines hope as "a positive motivational state that is based on an interactively derived sense of successful (a) agency (goal-directed energy), and (b) pathways (planning to meet goals)" (Snyder, Irving, & Anderson, 1991, p. 287). 4. Youth hopefulness is conceptually an important factor in the successful treatment of Adult Hope Scale (AHS) Download. • Scales and Assessments. The Psychological Capital Questionnaire (PCQ) [] is widely recognized as the standard scale measuring PsyCap [].It was developed as a compound measure consisting of (modified) items from published scales for hope [], optimism [], resilience [], and self-efficacy [].Predominantly, the PCQ was used in employee, manager and student samples [], and its … State Hope Scale and scores on the state form of the Positive Affect Scale. H��U�r�6}�+�R K�k�R��f�U�5[y��AC1vM�>-���\�U3-�Z�O�Ӿ������Au�X��'Ir�A�$�̠���v:�Z��t���_n�i�JiU�E����_:���Q*�Tx��w�(�!���`O��$2�L���W�oTD)a~P��ZL�[�A����d���0��p3/u7u�.����0�����J�+�[M��O���Ok A���}~��z?Wޟ^�ق8#%��)[�jd��=���}�������?��$., �G��E '��6K���%)�޳���!0`E����c?pS�G�(}���S�o�V!`�8�l�� .�B��"=��|A�R���Q�N�A+E�#�ЄɁ�Kf�$�(&�ل/��Wqi/�;���4]�=�XΌI�������b�ǒ..�_�E�A��H�D���OnթAf(��]�ZF�/Ю�5�9\�>��Q�:0��x'�:��� ����9�i軤n(�����M����c�?��f�Z�I6 &��z����. Gardner RM, Brown DL. The Development of the Children’s Hope Scale The first goal was to construct a scale (the Children's Hope Scale [CHS]) that manifested the proposed two-factor—pathways and agency—model of hope. Apparent sadness Representing despondency, gloom and despair (more than just ordinary transient low spirits), reflected in speech, facial expression, and posture. For each sentence, please think about how you are in most situations. This is a 12-item measure of a respondent’s level of hope. Place a check inside the circle that describes YOU the best. Come out and have fun while raising money for Children’s Hope. This depression inventory can be self-scored. The Children’s Hope Scale Directions: For each sentence, please think about how you are in most situations. I think I am doing pretty well. 5. Recent federal laws define child sex trafficking as a form of child abuse and neglect and require states to identify and serve sexually exploited youth. Ä ŽÒÊõ 0 = No sadness. "A brief questionnaire for measuring self-efficacy in youths," Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 23, 2001, pp. Measuring Psychological Capital. 2008). trailer << /Size 112 /Info 93 0 R /Root 96 0 R /Prev 184522 /ID[<38051925e336635faa94a57fb71b1596><8785800bfcb06a98b1cf118bd8439f3a>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 96 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 90 0 R /Metadata 94 0 R /PageLabels 88 0 R >> endobj 110 0 obj << /S 479 /L 554 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 111 0 R >> stream The scoring scale is at the end of the questionnaire. Thank you for your interest in our ACE-Q materials and for your support in our mission to improve the health of children and adolescents exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences. The items that make up each assessment are provided, along with response categories and some guidance to assist you with scoring and analysis. J Paediatr Child Health. The measure is “based on the premise that children are goal directed and that their goal-related thoughts can be understood according to two components: agency and pathways” (Snyder et al., 1997, p. 400). Children’s Hope Scale (see information at the end of this document for more information on the scale): #167 Children’s Hope Scale (Computed from questions 168 to 171) (grades 8-12) #168 I can think of many ways to get the things in life that are most important to me. Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) 2 1. Temperament dimensions for which CBQ scales have been developed have been adapted from dimensions we have studied in both adults and infants. reliability with the hope that researchers will try to improve and refine them. Nov 17, 2020. Psychological Inquiry, 13, 249-275. nkvcs��`��:]�L]�G��>(����s_�I� p֯e��pH�Qx4�u�B��~�a,���p}9���,��u��� Ʃ�{ԝ��B�&t����nѳ5����:}��!�iiQ���4�ڲ�f�`ɜDO����2�0�V4 r8(�ϊNHq٠�E6O�N�ѱ(�Y_���1���(�zP��'8�&cZ��|���"XKp���V�pw��kS�����̽|�� O(���^���.ZdIC�� g�Mh���Y�n!�h�bF@�6 #Cs�)���iX5��i����GmK��ۑ��Hli��o $��� A sample of 460 high school students was administered the CHS along with measures of life satisfaction, extraversion, neuroticism, social support, and externalizing and internalizing behaviors. is being used by the Children's Clinic, along with the ACE survey (10 questions plus four). This guide provides recom-mendations for developing and implementing a screening and response protocol using the CSE-IT to improve early identification of commercially sexually exploited children.