My mom was 82 when she died and her health wasn’t good, but it was still shocking to me when see died. Loved your story! Now I can make her some ;). This ambrosia fruit salad recipe tastes even better the next day!. Let’s move on.) And thank you for sharing your grandma’s recipe! It is more of a retro salad from the past….still a classic. Have you ever heard it referred to as funeral salad?! Share a photo and tag us — we can’t wait to see what you’ve made! This is one of my favorites.It’s so fresh and light I just love it.I tried to make it from memory,I almost done it.I used crushed pineapple and it got lost in all the other ingredients.It was still good,and I m so glad I found your recipe just to know I rememberd it! Delicious the next day when when the “Grape Nuts” softened. I myself make piergoes a receipt from Grandma Checkie for the holidays as well. Thank you for the recipe and letting us share in your memories. Ingredients: 4 (cheese .. jello .. whip ...) 5. I would tell them, “Not too much” and she would always retort “It’s salad; it’s good for them.” All that cream and marshmallow and not so much fruit. This is BY FAR the closest I have come to the original that she made, it is missing one element…she always used maraschino cherries (halved). 10 Best Jello Cottage Cheese Cool Whip Salad Recipes | Yummly Thanks for prompting happy memories! I know my Grandma would have loved this. Hi Emmy, What a wonderful idea to videotape. Thanks for sharing your memories with us and for the recipe. Sounds like nothing a foodie would whip up but it went great with ham. Keep reading for lots of variations! So let’s just put it in air quotes. My grandma’s original recipe is the one you will find below and included canned mandarin oranges and canned crushed pineapple, as well as coconut and miniature marshmallows, all tossed with whipped topping. The perfect summer treat! My recipe includes sliced bananas and diced red and green apples. I also use the sour cream and do try using the light version or fat free. It would be amazing with fresh whipped creamtoo though!! But I love the easy measurements, makes it so easy to remember! Have a lovely summer, stay safe! Everyone, that doesn’t already know, always asks how I made that wonderful dressing. You can use canned pineapple tidbits, crushed pineapple, or cut up fresh pineapple for this salad… I can remember my grandparents eating it after lunch. Hi Gee, was just reading some of the comments here and saw yours. Is it Whipped cream or Cream cheese? Aunts, Cousins and neighbour girls getting married, all were given showers. Unfortunately cool whip does contain milk proteins, so I’m going to substitute “Sour Supreme”. ***Subscribe and like if you enjoyed this recipe and for more recipes to come. I need to makes sure to write down all her recipes and make them myself before something should happen to her. So if you are on Team Coconut, you can add in 1/2 cup of coconut along with the marshmallows and fruit. Though I am in my 60’s, I still remember those times together with fondness. Hoping this will work! Fold the Cool Whip in with the other ingredients until combined. I thought pecans paired well with the peaches. After moving to Missouri from California (Dad was Military); I never had it again. I think my mom used sour cream, too, and mayonnaise? Mom doesn’t use cook books, everything is in her head. that’s what we always called Ambrosia Salad. Thanks for sharing! Y’all know how much I adore my old-fashioned potluck recipes! Mom or NeeNee would throw in some bananas sometimes. You’ll also need a bag of mini marshmallows, a can of pineapple tidbits, a can of mandarin oranges, a jar of maraschino cherries and a half a cup of sour cream. Obviously, you’d want to switch up the fruit to make the ambrosia ;), 2 C. fresh cranberries, ground I’m not sure. I’m so sorry for your loss, Megan, but glad I could help conjure up some good memories :) xo. Aww, I am so glad that you might be able to use the recipe to help your grandma. I can’t wait not only to make it but eat it too. Mix thoroughly. Thanks. It sounds so delicious! My mom made it just about the same but she added nuts on occasion. We have a lot of good memories connected to the kitchen. It’s fabulous. How nice that you remember your grandma making this salad for you. She uses tinned mandarins, tinned pineapple chunks, Pascalls marshmallows (australian brand of soft fluffy marshmallows) cut in half, desiccated coconut and sour cream instead of cool whip (we don’t have cool whip in Australia). Hopefully I can do it justice. I think it is, but my friend says that they used to have it WITH a meal. Need to find the other ingredient now. This recipe for Cool Whip Ambrosia Salad is about as quick and easy as they come. My mom is Italian and we always want to have more than enough and choices (something for everyone). in Florida. Drench them in the pineapple juice then drain and add with the original fruit. I lost my mom in January and also thought I lost some of her recipes that I was sure she never wrote down, specifically her potato salad that I always meant to ask her for. I made copies and sent them to my brothers so they could have them, too, even if they never made them. Tips and tricks for making an easy fluff salad recipe: You can use any kind of nuts you like, or omit them. sometimes I add coconut and or marshmallows, but it’s just as good without it. Oh, and I love the cherry on top :). I'm Michelle and I believe anyone can learn to confidently make recipes worthy of celebration. Ofcourse coconut, powered sugar and cherries were used, and it was a great and sweet dessert. Grated fresh coconut and chopped pecans. Thank you. I miss her tremendously and this gave me another opportunity to think her of her…with love. I pretty much remembered but ckd out your recipe again and wanted to let you know it was a big hit. I cup chunk pineapple tid bits 1 cup oranges, 1 cup marshmallows, 1 cup coconut, 1 cup sour cream. Really enjoyed reading this, I’m a great grandmother and was looking for an old recipe. My dad made ambrosia, but he added “Grape Nuts” cereal to it. Slowly stir in sour cream. One thing she discovered was she forgot her recipe for this salad! (Sometimes it’s referred to as “Watergate Salad“).   When I’m feeling quirky, I add some cinnamon and nutmeg. If you don’t eat all the salad … Nineteen is pretty young to lose your father. I only recommend freezing ambrosia if you use all canned fruit and Cool Whip. … My sister would kick me out if I didn’t make it! I also disliked the grapes. I love coconut flavor but I do not like the texture of coconut. “What does she want?” Asked the family friend. Lovely story. I just stumbled upon it and was shocked that it actually tasted the same with the measured quantities because I know she never measured anything for this recipe! That is so unbelievably heartbreaking about your father. I’v never had Ambrosia before, but I must try it soon! I never had anything like your recipe. Thank you for sharing @thebrowneyedbaker. Make it your own. She too was an Italian lady who made ambrosia for summer gatherings. I also use the sour cream. What a lovely post. Stir gently until sugar is incorporated; then chill covered for 1 hour. It was just the fruit, coconut, and mini-marshmallows. Michelle, Just wondering if you double the ambrosia recipe or not? You read the cliche a lot that is “made with love” but it’s so true. I WILL be making this for Christmas this year (as a surprise). I just remembered that my grandma also used to make Ambrosia Salad. Thank you for the delightful memories today. 1/2 package coconut My mother made Ambrosia salad (with maraschino cherries added because everything is better with a cherry on top) for a class picnic when I was in the 4th grade and forever after that I was known as the girl with a chef mom. As I had said I married 15 years ago and it was not until a shower was hosted in my Granny ‘s home by my Mother and Aunts, complete with rolled sandwiches, 5 cup salad and tea in a collection of tea cups, did I really believe that I was getting married! Your email address will not be published. Now that you mention it, my grandmother did have cans of fruit cocktail in the pantry, my mom did too but I never really did. Love it! Made it and it was a big hit. Thanks so much! I would love to hear a response from anyone. (Did anyone else’s grandma have can after can of fruit cocktail in the pantry? I haven’t had it in a really long time but it definitely reminds me of my grandma too. YUM!! Plus the cool whip cream is sooooo much better than whipped cream that you made yourself!! Oh, and homemade marshmallows! Along with rolled sandwiches, ambrosia or 5 cup salad as I knew it, was served along with tea in cups and saucers and a hidden sticker under a random saucer :). This classic mandarin orange salad made with jello, cottage cheese and cool whip can be made in minutes and then chilled for the perfect summer recipe for cookouts and potlucks.. You know those classic recipes that take you back to childhood? Then you can think of her every time you make it. Thanks for sharing :). Sure thing! Yes, a totally retro recipe, I love it! My Gram passed away this past winter at the age of 90, and it is odd how your mind, at times, forgets that. My hat is off to you! Thank you for helping with that memory. 24 Hour Salad: The original recipe recommends that you let this marshmallow salad sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours before serving to let the flavors develop, the marshmallows to plump and the texture to set up. Pink Lady Salad is 5 ingredient vintage Jello salad that include cottage cheese, canned pineapple and Cool Whip. Thanks for the post. be sure to drain pineapple.  My Watergate salad was mandarin oranges, crushed  Our Grandmas were incredible women! Add … Thanks Kellie that is my missing ingredient I was missing I just remember 7 things and got everything except the sour cream. It’s not Christmas dinner without Ambrosia! We do this all the time for dessert. Your email address will not be published. By the way the cottage cheese made it not so sweet. A dessert made from Cool Whip and marshmallows doesn’t really come to mind when you hear the word salad. Flo. Haha! By the way, I am attending a bridal shower next week and I have decided, 5 cup salad will be my contribution to the celebration. Thanks for the great recipe! :), This is the southern ambrosia I grew up with. Instead of the sweetened stuff. Is that one batch?) Thanks for he recipe. I try not to eat canned foods all too often, and I never saw a need for Cool Whip when whipping your own whipped cream is so incredibly easy. He says it is cream. Lime and Cherry or Strawberry are the best for this, but any flavor will do also place cool whip on top after it’s made. My boyfriend’s mom will sometimes make it with just leftover fruit that she wants to use up. Thanks for sharing your grandmother’s recipe. For example, my mother’s mother made “Nana cookies” the way yours made ambrosia, so I feel as if I am channeling her whenever I duplicate that recipe. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes. I’ve had the same experience and still do on occasion. And I totally can relate to Italian Grandmas – You eat a huge plate of food that can feed an entire family and she says “You didn’t eat nothin’!”. I just noticed that several people were asking how to make the ambrosia with out so much processed food. This is one of my favorite old recipes too. Hi Rachel, I have never heard of “funeral salad”! Is Ambrosia considered a dessert? Kid friendly with just the right amount of sweet, this is a classic recipe that will remind you of what grandma used to make! I have used the colored marshmallows, but it doesn’t work well. Just be careful how much you serve yourself if you’re watching carbs. I remember my sister and I loving this as kids. 1/2 C seedless grapes, halved Drain pineapples, cherries, oranges & fruit cocktail. Watch this pineapple fluff salad fly out of the bowl. it’s so delcious and refreshing. Ahhh, what a wonderful recipe from your grandma and a wonderful post! As you might have guessed, you are going to need a tub of Cool Whip. It’s great flavor and even better memories. AMBROSIA SALAD. Required fields are marked *, I have been craving Ambrosia for weeks now!!! I can’t tell you the number of times I wish I had asked particular questions about life, my parents, and yes – my mom’s recipes while I had the chance. Hi Gee, You can omit the coconut if you wish. this is what my mom calls it too, with all the same ingredients. No problem. The lesson here? You can have your Ambrosia and eat it too! I have to make it soon. Essential tools, baking lists, make-ahead tips, quick recipes, and more! It was served up routinely for Christmas and Easter, and pretty much non-stop during the summer. Thanks for the recipe :) My grandmother always has cans of fruit cocktail in the pantry, it’s like a Grandma Requirement I think! I remember making this years ago for office celebrations and it was always a big hit ( I also used sour cream instead of CoolWhip). I lost my Grandma 15 years ago but she used to make a salad like this, but she called it Hawaiian Salad and instead of the cool whip, she used sour cream! Also known as Pink Stuff, this recipe creates one of those classic dishes that graced holiday dinner tables across the Midwest. 2 bananas, peeled and sliced crosswise I remember having a version of this salad as a kid. I include maraschino cherries and use sour cream, not Cool Whip (like several others have said), and I use chunk pineapple, not crushed. Add marshmallows mixing well. Yum! I’m going to have to try this yummy recipe. FIND OUT WHAT'S BEEN COOKING AT RESOLUTION EATS. Interesting that you would mention this story with this salad. That might work! A very old recipe! Thanks! Last year I saw your recipe and it looked to be the closest. In fact, my Grandma seemed to whip something up out of nowhere with whatever she had in her pantry. Except maybe mashed potato. I make Ambrosia for potluck dinners. You can add the juice back, when needed. Here’s the Ambrosia I grew up with (I turn 60 on Saturday): 1 small can chunky pineapple, reserving juice One, my family always ate ambrosia salad at every special occasion when I was a kid. Cool Whip and cottage cheese together.  My favorite part of a Filipino ambrosia salad. It continues to amaze me just how much a recipe can transport us to times in our lives we hold so precious. At its core, however, it traditionally contains pineapple and oranges (either fresh or canned), miniature marshmallows, and coconut. Thanks for letting me know you like it. In first grade we had to bring in a snack to share with our class, and I brought individual paper cups filled with it for everyone. For a lighter version, try mixing together 8 ounces cool whip … When I found this recipe in my grandma’s recipe box I was immediately transported back to her 1960’s decor basement where we had Thanksgiving … Southern Ambrosia Salad is a must-have at any gathering. Fill the well with the ambrosia (I add maraschino cherries), replace the top and frost with more Cool Whip…..wonderful summer dessert! I use a can of mandarin oranges, a can of pineapple tidbits, maraschino cherries – sliced, and a package of small white marshmallows.