I tend to like lighter guitars both tonally and cause they are easier on the back Recently I bought a nice CS 57 limited edition mainly because it was a hair under 7lbs. Backed off the tone on the guitar, backed of slightly on the volume and faffed with the amp settings. Just google "Treble Bleed Mod" for a schematic. There was a young guitarist clearly playing through his first guitar rig, as it was all entry level stuff. If it's just one fret that gives you this problem, then I doubt very much you have an issue with the neck relief (curvature of the neck), or the action (string height). on 7th Aug 2019. Lastly, string gauge plays a factor in many minds. On the flip side, if your neck position is a bit too boomy/muddy, try lowering it a tad until you dial in an EQ curve that is more consistent with the other 2. And if so, presumably that doesn't sound thin through it. While we believe that there are a couple valuable switching upgrades, they still did not make the list. Therefore, Gibson products purchased through The STRATosphere are not covered under warranty by Gibson Brands, Inc. » NH COVID-19 UPDATE: Online Orders Still Shipping. It shouldn't sound thin in any sense. 7) Change the Neck- a STRATosphere favorite modification. For a brighter tone there are also metal options such as the modern LSR roller nut which also helps with string breakage. And with that sound comes rhythm, tone, and sonic content. Category Keywords: funny voices, voice, fun, wav, mp3, mp3s, man, woman, boy, girl, prank call, download, free, comedy, humor, humorous, audio, sound clip The meaty part of an acoustic guitar lives between 80-200 Hz. Welcome to the MSI Global official site. I am going through the clean channel on my Vox Cambridge with no effects. It has served Mr. Clapton well for decades. © 2019 The STRATosphere | The Cambridge is actually not a bad amp. A lot of people get carried away with overdubbing electric guitar chords. I put one of ashs baseplates under my bridge pickup and it made a massive difference. Callaham is probably the most respected manufacturer for this type of upgrade, if you are willing to spend the money. Its in lovely condition so would I be better of selling it and buying something with more weight to it then spending money on that one? No matter what mic/guitar/amp/interface it all sounds bad. With acoustic guitars, the strings move the top of the guitar, creating the sound to be projected, so those who need more volume went with bigger guitars with bigger strings, with higher action so the strings will ring out. Take your rig to a store and try out the Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster pedal. It doesn't seem to matter what software I use the sound is thin, fuzzy, annoying, amateurish, etc. Featuring signed copies of START AGAIN #1 Limited Edition Variant and START AGAIN: Stories #2. We personally believe it is a journey rather than a destination- not unlike your playing. Also, people say to put a different Trem block in , is that just a sustain thing? Conversely, the finest Stratocaster in the world will sound like chaos in the hands of a player who has not put in the hard time. By nature, a single-coil equipped Strat will sound thin and have lower output when compared to most Tele's. Its the only amp I have, apart from another little Vox practice amp and a Fender 10G so out of the three the Cambridge is my best bet I think. There are many simple tips online how to get it right (ie: play open note, compare to 12th fret harmonic, adjust saddles accordingly) but it does not hurt to bring it in to a tech who has spent their career mastering the setup. Really thickened it up. Which I suppose begs the question as to why the Slash pickup sounds so nasally. i tend to prefer the sound of full size buckers over single coil size but i do have a strat with three hot rails that sounds damn good But if you've gotten other Strats to sound good through that amp, maybe you've just got a dud acoustically. Each copy of this limited edition print of START AGAIN #1, featuring new cover art by Neri Rearte, will be hand signed, numbered and only available on Kickstarter. Its my first Strat and Ive only had it a week. It is certainly not a new concept, players have been doing it for over 40 years. Distorted sounds fine, I can get great distortion sound. Guitar Mixing Tip #2: If You Don’t Need It, Mute It. Weird thing is going on: In position 2 and 4 (using 2 of the single coils) it sounds THIN and weak....which is the opposite of any other amp I have ever used???? Different neck profile/thickness are usually what our customers are going for. Thin to me is lacking warmth or drift that gives some more sonics or movement to the sound. And here it is with the Great Engl. Get Straw Sounds from Soundsnap, the Leading Sound Library for Unlimited SFX Downloads. My strat is getting better everyday!!! When the drummer told him that, he began to play just a few short leads to show me what a guitar is supposed to sound like. Really thin guitar sounds. I love some thick mids in the guitar sound, but be wary of applying too much because it can muddy up the track quite fast. 2) Intonation- properly setting up your Strat can make all the difference as you navigate throughout the fingerboard. For example, the Dunlop 6105 fret wire has been the buzz the past decade due to their tall/thin design, allowing the player to fret out less when bending up the neck. True die hard Strat players are easier to please in that area, I guess they choose and adjust their rigs to work with delicate sounding guitars. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 4. Have it done as part of your intonation/ set up. You can't try to make it sound like a humbucker guitar as far as thickness and sustain - it is what it is. This guitar runs through a Vox AC15 + SD-1. Even the White Stripes, Jack White, a lot of the time of course it is just guitar and drums, but a lot of the time he does use a pitch shifter to add in a bass part. It also provides more distance from pickup magnets, which can dramatically alter tone (see #4 for pickup height). Use slightly more gain than is necessary while sweeping the band throughout 80-200 Hz until you lock onto a position that sounds good to your ears. "Take these three items, some WD-40, a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape. We have had countless customers tell us that they perform this simple mod on every single Strat they own, so it cannot go without mention in this area. It is worth every dollar if they have a long proven track record. Keep in mind that any changes in the truss rod, tremolo tension, string gauge or string height will usually require an intonation adjustment. What inspired the post was seeing a local band playing a pub gig.

strat sounds thin

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