lavender plug plants Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our … Treat yourself, loved ones or friends to plants, gifts or a voucher. Do not fill with normal compost, just add soil. Guaranteed. Browse lavender plants from UK shops. The most important part of growing lavender is to have well drained soil, ideally lime, gravel or chalk. So visit us online or at our nursery in Kent….and one of the many local pubs for a splendid meal! With flowering-time table. There are hundreds of varieties of Lavender! Grosso — an “intermedia” lavender, producing a high quantity of Lavandin Oil (high in camphor). We hope you‘ll agree that this is the definitive guide to buying these wonderful plants for their flowers, their flavour and the wildlife they attract. Wholesale Lavender Plants For over 20 years the nursery has earned a reputation for supply of quality Lavenders in 9cm pots for growing on, mail order and direct retail sales. This species of Lavender is a popular and traditional plant in the UK and often used for compact hedges in contemporary design or conventional cottage displays. Click here to see our wholesale prices for this Grosso. £15.99. Lavender makes a good Hedge with a height of up to 60cm (24"). Lavender Plants . You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Edible flowers plant and seed combination (1) Purple and gold plant combination (1) Sunny and dry plant … Lavender Mix - 2 Hidcote, 2 Rosea & 2 Edelweiss. Please contact us to find out what varieties we currently have and availability, as stock can vary. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Imperial Gem — a neat, compact variety of deep blue colour, grown for cutting and bunching. Hidcote Lavender are available all year round - plants bought in Autumn, Winter or Spring will flower in the first Summer. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. One of the hardiest lavenders, foliage performs well throughout the winter. Once established, this should be unnecessary except in very dry conditions, when for a few weeks an occasional light watering may be required. Buy Lavender plants online: £3,99 Lavender plants for sale. Grosso is also the variety that we have found to be most fragrant. More than 12 varieties. For informal planting: 45-90cm apart (18”-36”). Welcome to our web site where you can shop online for culinary grade lavender plants and rosemary plants and lavender gifts. Lavender propagation takes place in the fall and spring. Please call us on 01420 511146 or email: for further information. Hardy lavender plants selector by height and colour. Thoroughly water the plants. A south-facing sunny position is lavender’s favourite place. Smaller plants generally take better and grow faster in the first couple of years. Free delivery on orders >£100. For english lavender hedges: 30-40cm apart (12”-15”) dependent upon size. and pieces of broken pot or gravel to aid drainage. they are not as hardy as English (angustifolia) lavenders. Firm gently ensuring there is no depression next to the plant where water could gather. We also grow other varieties, for display, such as Hidcote, Little Lady and Edelweiss. English Lavenders do look particularly striking when planted in groups of 3! Lavender Plants For Sale Here you will find where to buy Lavender plants online from several reputable suppliers including mail order as well as our Online Store with Lavender plants wholesale. Make a trench of 30 cm deep and 20 cm wide, fill this up with a mix of potting compost and coarse sand. lavender plants. long (7-10 cm), its flower spikes rise elegantly on long stems and retain their lovely and intense color, making this lavender … We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. Lavender plants for sale in the UK! If you are looking for a variety that is not on the list then please do get in touch on 01653 648 008 as we may just have it. There are hundreds of varieties of Lavender… All of our plants … How to select the right lavender for your garden . We have a great selection of these fragrant plants suitable for lavender hedges or border planting from the earlier flowering ‘French’ Lavender to the classic English varieties. Pour in a bucket of water and allow it to soak away. Characterised by their bright purple flowers and fragrant scent, lavender hedging is one of the most popular types amongst UK … From mid-April to the end of September we sell a variety of lavender plants from our farm shop. Buy online with 30 day replacement or refund guaranteed. Lavender Plants for Sale Online - Greenwood Nursery Lavenders are great for growing as one specimen plant or making a lavender plant hedge. If you have a clay soil, you can add sand and gravel and feed them with lime regularly to help your plants thrive. Lavenders love sun and will not flower if grown in constant shade. When considering which lavenders would suit your garden situation, you need to think about: Soil type, Position, Importance of colour, Importance of fragrance, Space available, Desired effect – formal or informal. Plants in containers need to be watered throughout the summer months. Stunning Lavender Plants. Later in the year the container can be moved next to a. English lavender plants grown right here in the UK by Ashridge Nurseries, for garden and culinary use. Phenomenal - Large strong foliage lavender, producing tall purple flower spikes. Details Free Delivery when you spend over £30 Looking for more than 100 plants? Best advice & support throughout. Lavender plants (Lavandula) are enjoyed for their richly colored flowers and fabulous soothing fragrance. Plant just deep enough to allow a thin covering of soil over the top of the compost . Great for filling large spaces with its tall, wide-spreading foliage. … The largest lavender we have on sale. Lavender Plants, Various Varieties. Be sure to keep an eye on water, especially during the first year. We grow and stock a superb range of lavender plants and rosemary plants selected from our vast collection for their culinary, medicinal and decorative use, which is complemented with a great range of goodies. Hardy Ready to plant … This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Quintessentially British, it is ideal as a low hedging and edging plant equally at home in rose borders and kitchen gardens. Whilst Lavender Hidcote is a popular variety of Lavender hedging, we do also have the following additional varieties for sale - English Lavender, French Lavender, White Lavender, and Dwarf Lavender. English Lavender hedge plants … This will aid moisture retention. There is no advantage in planting lavender or rosemary before the spring. Typically, you can expect 8 to 10 years of pleasure from your lavender – as long as you abide by the golden rules of: Folgate — an early flowering variety, grown for its vbrant colour, and for the quality of the Lavender oil it produces. Lavender Plants for sale - Downderry Nursery - UK grown lavender plants Welcome to Downderry Nursery. Plant them from late April through the summer months. Online orders are operating as normal, but we will remain closed to visitors this season. If you grow French lavender, prune hard after the first flowering (to 9”). Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Lavender shrubs for sale in the UK from Thompson & Morgan - Experts in the Garden Since 1855 - See our latest lavender shrub special offers LavenderWorld. The UK’s benchmark lavender nursery. Dig the hole slightly deeper than the plant’s pot. Tall lavender (60cm+) should be planted 40-50cm apart(15”-16”). All our lavender plants and rosemary plants are grown to culinary herb standards. If after browsing you‘re still unsure which lavenders or rosemaries are best for your purpose, contact us, we‘d be happy to help. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. so there may be some disruption to ordering and emails for a day or so. We offer a wide range of Lavender Plants to Buy Online with Free UK delivery for orders over £40. From mid-April to the end of September we sell a variety of lavender plants from our farm shop. Purple Mix - 2 Hidcote, 2 Imperial Gem & 2 Little Lady. All our lavender and rosemary cultivars are propagated from cuttings on the nursery using our own stock plants. Both french and english lavenders enjoy being grown in pots or, hanging baskets.

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