They were made to stand and to distribute purified air evenly in a big room. Do the air purifiers need ventilation? People with multiple chemical sensitivities, Anyone who likes to cook and wants to reduce the food odors, People with pets that want to get rid of pet dander, hair, and odors, People exposed to high levels of outdoor PM2.5 air pollution (i.e. Still not sure which version is the right air purifier for you? In meinem Test hat sich der Dyson Pure Cool durchweg gut geschlagen. They make high-quality products and they all look good–sleek and classy. The TP04 can distribute air effectively to large spaces. The TP04 is able to direct airflow forward and backward, the multiplier only has a forward option. If you want instant alerts of your indoor air quality without reaching for your mobile device, choose the Dyson TP04 model. Yes, both the TP02 and TP04 will work even if the WiFi feature is turned off. Redakteur Anton Stark - 05.11.20 Der Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower ist sowohl Luftreiniger als auch Ventilator. The TP02 is not the newest model and, again, Amazon fails to mention (as they usually do) "there is a newer model available". Carbon … The TP02 is lighter and a little shorter than the TP04. How effective is the cooling feature of both the TP02 and TP04? Especially because the differences between the Dyson TP02 vs TP04 models are not that significant. Dyson air purifiers are expensive because of the Air Multiplier technology which is only unique to Dyson plus their air purifiers can also act as a fan. And since the TP02 does not have any extra filters, you have to buy the filters separately. It might have a similar design as its predecessors, however, there are actually many changes from the inside out. By the end, you’ll have a much clearer idea on which model is best for your needs: the Dyson TP01 vs TP02 vs TP04. The Dyson TP01 model lacks Wi-Fi control that the TP02 and TP04 have, so it wouldn’t be a fair comparison in this review. It’s the Dyson TP04 vs. TP02 vs. TP01 vs. DP04 vs. DP01 vs… They are also WiFi-enabled so you can control them through your mobile phone and it also has voice command through Amazon Alexa. That makes these devices great for areas like: This next section of our Dyson Pure Cool review covers the differences between the TP02 and TP04 models. RELATED: Check out our in-house comparison of the Dyson TP04 vs. Molekule. Play. Dyson Pure Cool Tower und Desk bei MediaMarkt kaufen (ab 549 Euro); technische Daten auf der Dyson-Webseite nachschlagen; Getestet habe ich die Tower-Version des Dyson Pure Cool… If you want the cheapest Dyson Pure Cool air purifier you can get, regardless of features, go with the Dyson TP02 model. It is also available on Amazon. The Dyson TP04 is priced around $90 more than the TP02 model. With both Dyson Pure Cool air purifier models, you get up to 300 square feet of coverage for air purification. Learn more. They also both have the same tower-style design and the same oblong-shaped amp, however, you will notice that the amp of the TP04 is a little wider than the TP02. Find out the additional features of the TP04 such as Wi-Fi, Alexa, and the Dyson Link app. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. As an Amazon associate and affiliate for several air purifier brands, we earn from qualifying purchases made through the links on our site. Educating the Public on Indoor Air Quality & Comfort Since 2015. Oscillation Range — The TP04 has 350-degrees of oscillation while the TP02 only has 180-degrees. They make fancy and high-quality appliances. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 Air Purifier is the next generation of the Dyson Pure Cool TP02 and shares many of the same features, with a few upgrades to note. DYSON Pure Cool Link TP02 Turmluftreiniger und Ventilator in einem Gerät Mit dem Pure Cool Link TP02 von DYSON für das richtige Klima sorgen: der automatische Reinigungsmodus prüft die Luftqualität und passt daraufhin die Luftstromstärke für die Luftreinigung an. When it comes to the design, Dyson made sure that all their air purifier fans including the AM11 and TP02 do not have any visible fast-spinning blades that could cause injuries or harm. A. Dyson TP02 Pure Cool Link Tower Turm - Luftreiniger weiß / silber Luftreiniger und Ventilator in einem intelligenten Gerät. By clicking "Close" or continuing to use this website, you agree to the, Open floor plans (a combination of living/dining/kitchen rooms), Color: Dark gray base with a light gray fan top, Dimensions: 7.7″ (W) x 7.7″ (D) x 40″ (H), Color: Dark gray base with a white fan top, Dimensions: 8.8″ (W) x 8.8″ (D) x 45″ (H). Q. However, the TP04 unit has a sleek design, and although they both project the same amount of air with oscillation angles of 350 degrees, the TP04 … A. The Dyson Link App allows you to control the device even when you are not home. TP04 Pure Cool. Ft. Air Purifier - White, silver. The TP02 and TP04 support WiFi, which means they can be linked to the Dyson Link App that you can easily download to your mobile phone from the App Store or Google Play Store. From 1 - 11 December, complete your bundle with a Dyson Pure Cool™ air purifier tower fan TP04 of your choice for only $599 (was: $899) when you add to cart. Currently, there are two top-selling versions of the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier: While the Dyson TP01 was the actual flagship model, this review will focus on the Dyson TP02 vs TP04 versions since they’re the most similar. If you want the convenience of turning off the air breeze function, get the Dyson TP04 model. Are the filters for TP02 and TP04 washable? However, the differences between each one can be hard to spot. The TP02 and TP04 are both easy to clean and safe for pets and kids. Der Dyson Pure Cool ist Luftreiniger und Ventilator in einem. The TP02 and Dyson TP04 can be connected to the Dyson Link App and has Alexa integration. 4.6 (886) 1-2 of 2 Answers. While the main components of these air purifiers are relatively the same, there are a few small variations that you should be aware of. The bladeless design as well is another reason why they are pricey, it makes the air purifier fans safer than traditional fans and, honestly; they look great. We’re not sure why, but Dyson altered the design and size just a bit between the TP02 to TP04 versions. Dyson Cool AM07 Mini: Dyson Pure Cool TP04: Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool Fan: Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk (Blau) Dyson Cool AM06: Dyson DYS-5041291 Pure Cool Me: Dyson Pure Cool Me: Vergleichsergebnis * Das Qualitätsmanagement für unser Test- und Vergleichsverfahren ist nach ISO 9001 TÜV-geprüft Unsere Bewertung sehr gut 08/2020. Are you looking for a comprehensive Dyson Pure Cool review?

dyson pure cool tp04 vs tp02

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