Watching that shooting star spin around and around is super fun for all to enjoy. The goal was to see if I could use the framelit track at a different angle instead of just the "rainbow" or "smiley face" -- the answer is yes! In the first step, take the circle punch, flip it over for easy viewing. I made a spinner card. Step 2: Cutting Out the Petals. So it was only a matter of time before we had a go at making a DIY Paper Spinner. Make a plastic pointer out of a flat panel in a plastic jug such as a laundry detergent container, or use plastic cut from the lid … A plastic bottle cap makes a good washer for this purpose. Want to learn how to make a simple spinner card? How To posted by Fräulein Erdbeerli - Miss Strawberry. Directions: Cut out circle and spinner out of cardboard or card stock. When the Spinner Card is closed up these will stick together, and the channel for the BBQ stick is made. Use the point where all the lines and colors on your fidget spinner intersect as a guide. :), 1. The LED glows when you pull the pull tab. I will be out of action for 8 weeks, but I certainly have some excition project to keep me busy then. Place spinner into the cut out notch in the front of your card. Be sure to add this z-fold spinner card to your fun folds cards list! can u direct me? Place a couple layers of scotch tape holding the spinner in place Place spinner into the cut out notch in the front of your card. How To Make A Spinner Wheel 0. Hi, crafty friends! Cut a toothpick down until it is about 3 to 4 times the thickness of your cardboard, and insert it through the hole. Reply. If you are interested in learning how to create spinner cards check out our video filled with tips and tricks, up close product previews and more! So cool! Stick it down on top of your other one making sure the elastic is centered, 4. How To: Fold an intermediate origami owl How To: Make your very own paper spinner Make sure when you are adhering the tag to your card that the color you wish to see is facing upright. As always I LOVE your cards and yes, you have inspired me to make a spinner card! Any suggestions, i saw spinner card with a suspened snowflake Iin this case) and can't find it again. Alternatively you could stamp and colour images of your choice or use some appropriate patterned papers. Create a shape from the cardboard to use as the spinner. A little hard work means a lot to those you will be giving the card to. Cut half the length of the fold. I added an extra step to help make this spinner card spin super easy and fast. The sentiment is from Sprinkles of Life. Line up the elastic in the fold. I use a plastic metro card to make a stopper. Spinner cards make a GREAT excuse! x 8.5in. Apply adhesive to the back of the card base, 2. TIP: Mini glue dots sprinkled with DD glitter are perfect for flower centers. I would really appreciate it! She is a very talented lady and I respect her very much! Stick down your other piece of patterned cardstock. thanks. Z-Fold Spinner Card Details . 10. Yeah. Step 2: Punch two holes either end of your card strip with your 3/4" circle punch, you could draw two lines across your card stock horizontally so that your holes are the same level on the card ( i just eye balled mine) Stamp, embellish, and cut out the image you want to spin. I have one question... this may sound weird, but I really am curious. We'd love to get your feedback or questions. It spins so good with the pop dots and pennies. Choose an assortment of flowers or embellishments for the front of your card. Megan Cooley To make a Valentine's Day spinner, you will need a piece of cardboard that's at least 9 square inches, a small piece of chipboard (such as from an empty cereal box), a drill, scissors, writing utensils, and glue. 8. Vintage Leaves (with coordinating framelits) are perfect for a spinner! Center your spinner in the circle. I designed one for my nieces birthday, close to Christmas, using a polar bear sticker. Place the FAT/THICK dimensionals on the back of the spinner piece like this. You should have a perfect cut out! They are so much more amazing IRL. Share it with us! This video will show you the steps to making this beautiful spinner card, which is a lovely simple base for decorating in many different ways. Hold card front upright and make sure your spinner spins nicely when you tilt the cardstock from side to side. Very lightly trace out where the notch will show through. The idea came to me earlier this week. DIY Christmas cards this year will vary from traditional colors to wintery themes. This is an amazing idea. Put the bottom in first and then gently lift the top piece into the top. Stick it to the center of the inside of your card. Jan 27, 2018 - Explore Tammy Redeker's board "Spinner Cards", followed by 194 people on Pinterest. Draw a lightening bolt on one side with yellow marker and outline it with black marker.

how to make a spinner card

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