Aubergine frugterne er mørkelilla -næsten midnatssorte og smagen er faktisk ubeskrivelig. Lieferzeit ca. Prolific, large elongated fruits up to 25cm (10in) long. 'Early Long Purple… Aubergine Early long purple er intet mindre end en skønhed med sine kæmpe store blade, de potteplantelignende lyselilla blomster og ikke mindst de store smukke ovale skinnende frugter. One of the most popular aubergine varieties grown worldwide. Sow Early crops November -December or for main crop January to April Germination 20C Matures July Onwards Target Plant population per /acre 14,000 Also known as "Aubergine". Aubergine Early Long Purple (Samen) Solanum melongena Langgestreckte Aubergine mit helllila Früchten. An ideal vegetable to grow in a container on a warm and sheltered patio. Plantworks Rootgrow Products. Buy your `Early Long Purple - Eggplant - Aubergine ` online at Aubergine Violette Lunga 2 is an Italian aubergine variety This aubergine plant has Aubergine Jewel F1 Mix Seeds. Beschreibung. Eggplant (US, Australia, New Zealand, anglophone Canada), aubergine (UK, Ireland, Quebec) or brinjal (South Asia, South Africa) is a plant species in the nightshade family Solanaceae. Serves 2. Jetzt kaufen! Aubergine Rosa Bianca. Commonly used in stews, sauces, baked, fried, stuffed and grilled. 1,60 € * inkl. Pre-cooking aubergine Another way to stop as much oil being absorbed is to lightly pre-cook aubergine by microwaving it or steaming it for about 5 minutes after it’s cut. Children in … The fruits have a white tender flesh with good flavour. Aubergine Early Long Purple 2 Seed. Så på fuktad såjord. These aubergines will make your Mediterranean dishes taste wonderfully authentic. Early Long Purple is a traditional, open-pollinated Italian heirloom eggplant variety first grown in 1857. God i medelhavsinspirerade rätter. 50 Seeds £2.19 Item code:27671. Het voordeel van de lange, slanke vorm zijnde handzame, ronde schijfjes die je ervan kan snijden. Aubergine Early Long Purple 2 is a popular, firm-fleshed variety. Plenty of large, elongated fruits for greenhouse crops. Merken. En plante som sætter en god høst af store 30 x 7 cm frugter. Die Blüten sind rosa, die Pflanzen werden etwa 70-100 cm hoch und sind auch für Topfkultur geeignet. Klima. Die Aubergine liebt es warm, optimal 25 Grad Celsius und vertragen keine niedrigen Temperaturen. Plant Protection. Culinary Uses: The flesh of Early Long Purple eggplants is firm with a delicious, mild flavour. Aubergine Pot Black F1 Seeds. Aubergine Early Long Purple 2 Seeds. Aubergine Early Long Purple. Aubergine 'Early Long Purple 2 säljs direkt av för snabbast möjliga leverans. A favourite ingredient of Mediterranean dishes and easy to grow whether in large pots in a greenhouse, polytunnel or on a sunny sheltered patio. Aubergine äts stekt, rostad, bakad, rå, kokt etc. Enkel att odla i inglasat växthus eller drivbänk. How to Identify an Aubergine Eggplant Leaf. etc. Aubergine Early Long Purple 2 Aubergine Solanum melongena. Solanum melongenaEn favorit i medelhavsmat.Frukter upp till ca 25 cm. Early/Late Flowering: . Suggested uses. Höchstens 4 Triebe je Pflanze heranziehen. Disse er smukke mørkelilla og har en fantastisk smag, og de er ikke trevlede. Average pack contains 100 seeds.Warning:Seeds should not be eaten. Granular Fertilisers. Sie werden geerntet, wenn sie eine Länge von 20cm erreicht haben. Während des Wachstums ausreichend gießen und düngen. A favourite ingredient of Mediterranean food and easy to grow in a greenhouse or large frame. Sow indoors from January to April, ready to harvest from August to October. Flower Size: . Propagation. And give up. Growth Technology Plant Care. Dunkelviolette Aubergine, feste lange Früchte bis 25 cm, werden auch reif nie bitter. Perfect sliced, drizzled with olive oil and roasted! Høyde: 40–70 cm. Always acknowledge when it is time to give up. It was being propogated in a plastic greenhouse, as was the courgette , however, the winds of Blighty in April put paid to that.

aubergine early long purple

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