So my research and availability has led me to a Hegel H90 but I don't see much reviews.... H80 got good press and the Rost wins some awards and the H90 in between... ~$2000 which is the limit of my budget. By Geir Nordby 2020-06-23 - 3:40 pm. during lockdown!) Our verdict. It’s almost as if the amplifier – the main bit of the box – is an after thought. The H90 provides the most dynamic 60 watts per channel sound you have ever heard, and comes with a set of features that add value and flexibility. The amplifier is the one part of the hi-fi chain that can be (and often is) packed with technology. Hegel Röst (Rost) review. Bent Holter, a student at the Technical University in Trondheim (NTNU) decided to do a thesis under the original design of the transistor used in amplifiers, that would cure the problems of traditional hi-fi systems. Enemy number one was distortion. The story begins in 1988. Hegel H190. REVIEWS RERINTED ROM wwwhi˜ wwwhi˜ RERINTED ROM 1 6 5 4 3 2 orweigan audio specialist Hegel has recently been naming its products, rather than giving them the more traditional alpha-numeric model numbers. The company creates high-performance Hi-Fi components such as integrated amps, CD players, power amplifiers, preamps, and integrated amps and some of the most modern and sophisticated Digital to Analog converters. 's round-up of the best stereo amplifiers you can buy in 2020. Dynaudio didn’t just plonk in the units from the C1 - the drivers have been fettled, with markedly improved results. With the amps increased performance over the H90, as with the rest of the Hegel range this is not one to be missed. Hi-Fi; SoundStage! Hegel unveils new and improved replacement for H80 integratedReplacing the H80 integrated amplifier (which was HFC’s first introduction to the Norwegian company’s wares back in issue 391 and the first of many Recommended badge winners), Hegel unveiled its H90 to an expectant audience back in May at the High End Show in Munich. Top . Although I read lots of great reviews for CXA61/81, I've also read that Hegel amps work great with KEF speakers (the local store also bundles the KEFs with the Hegel), so I'm a little bit puzzled. When we heard the new Hegel H390 Amplifier we new instntley it had to take pride of place in our shop, sounding so good, we thought it could be Hegel's flagship H590 playing...Yes its that good. Many thanks Rollo . Nowadays, some manufacturers will absolutely stuff their boxes with gadgetry. Hegel Music Systems’ H90 was a widely liked bit of kit that offered an impressive range of facilities and decent build at affordable price. A great stereo amplifier is the engine of any great hi-fi system. The Röst (voice) is a network-capable integrated amplifier and if you’ve felt hi-fi’s obsession with Tagasiside. After all sonic virtues one's looking for are only achievable in one's budget. Trifles. The Hegel 90 is actually cheaper than the CXA81 because i found a resealed one. difficult. Hegel H90 Integrated Amplifier- Discontinued - Reduced to clear . Hind : 4 315.00 EUR. The company has dealers in 32 countries and its products are sold all over the world. Gerhard Roemer Post subject: Re: Hegel H90 or Simaudio Moon 250i. The Hegel H390 amp is a real explosion of power, which at half the price of the H590 gives almost the same listening pleasure. Today there are six more original technical solutions in Hegel's portfolio. These players on your phone or tablet of choice also allow streaming from cloud content such as TIDAL Hifi. In addition to being massively explosive when it comes to pure firepower, the H390 has a precision and musicality that few can match. Audio. One can wonder as to what Hegel has in the drinking water, when they with the integrated H190 once again set a new standard in this range. TV (YouTube) SoundStage! If you don't necessarily need an amp that has a … Hi, I dove into a NAD C368 BluOS and have been dissapointed. Described by Hegel’s Anders Ertzeid as “A Rost … Question Hegel H90 vs H120 vs H190. The H90 punches well above the level you might expect from a DAC-integrated at its price - Hegel's attention to dynamics, detail, and transparency shone through. Via Ethernet, the Hegel H95 can function as a DLNA Digital Media Renderer. The SoundEngine Technology was just a start. Cambridge Cxa81, Hegel h90 or the class d Technics Su-g700. Loudspeakers, High end, Hi-fi, Amplifiers, Audio Video,kõlarid . Previous Next insider9 Well-known member. Thanks. Hegel H95. Price: US$4000 Power: Class A/B, 150wpc into 8 Ohms / 250wpc into 4 Ohms DAC: 24bit/192kHz – USB, coaxial, TOSLINK, Ethernet Streamer: Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, UPnP Phono stage: None Headphone output: 6.4mm Additional points of interest: AirPlay is in-house coded (not off-the-shelf) P/review: here. Must be heard! Hegel Mohican CD mängija. Hegel H90: Ny multikunstner indenfor HiFi-forstærkere. Rohkem. Now the question is what amp to choose between a Cambridge Audio CXA61/81 (or 60/80 if the difference is not that big) and a Hegel 90. Hi-Fi + Hegel H90 Review. Hegel Music Systems’ H90 was a widely liked bit of kit that offered an impressive range of facilities and decent build at affordable price. Hind : 4 150 .00 EUR. Hi-Fi 1; 2; Next. The new H95 sells for £1500, making it a little more than the model it supersedes. P/review: here. The most obvious shortcomings to satisfy absolutely all needs are Bluetooth, turntable input and built-in internet radio. Review: Hegel H190 Sets the standard. Sep 20, 2016 742 305 5,270. Neutral timbre with excellent resolution is only surpassed by the outrageous bass control. I realize all of this is subjective but I appreciate your opinions. R. rainsoothe Well-known member. Hegel H390. The Hegel H120 is a 75wpc Class A/B amplifier whose output can drive all but the most demanding of speakers. Today Hegel is one of the best established brands in Hi-Fi market, producing integrated, pre and power amplifiers as well as CD players and some of the most modern and sophisticated C/A converters. Yet it was aimed more towards those who wanted a sensible blend of features with nice sound, rather than being a take-no-prisoners audiophile amplifier. Along with its high damping factor, the H120 takes a firm grip of any loudspeaker you care to pair it with. All you need to do is find the right one for your particular set-up and we hope this carefully curated list can help. Den norske HiFi-specialist Hegel er klar med en ny forstærker, af den type der blander funktionerne, så den fremstår som lidt af en multikunster. Feb 11, 2018 #1 Reviews in general discuss components from value for money perspective. And, yes, a PC can definitely be a full-fledged hi-fi component, with a good enough DAC. Ultra; SoundStage! Hegel h90 review what hifi. I will probably buy used or ex-display as new they are quite pricey, making audition (esp. The engineers worked on improving airflow and damping behind the 28mm tweeter dome - the idea is to reduce back-pressure as the diaphragm moves, increasing detail and lowering distortion. The Hegel H90 and the Moon 250i fit the budget and both have good reputations. Rohkem. Hegel H190. The H95 replaced Hegel’s H90 and in the former’s press release the company stated in a refreshingly matter of fact manner, The H95 is built around the platform of the H90, and in all honesty, their analog sections are quite similar. Network only one product has ever been retroactively granted a Reviewers’ Choice award. In my time with the H90 I found nothing that it did wrong - just a few defensible choices. The latest streaming integrated to spill from Norway’s Hegel is the H95 — an update to the outgoing H90. Hegel stereo võimendi H90. 1 of 2 1; 2; Next Last. Unfollow moon 240i to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Now Hegel is tackling the other end of its product lineup, with a replacement for the entry-level H-Series model, the H90. Apr 22, 2020 #2 From what I read, the Lintons could do with some energy, so the CA would be my choice. Description Customer Reviews Delivery Payment Returns Description. All products produced by Hegel are designed in-house in Norway and based on technology not commonly used in music systems. 2 defective units = adios NAD and chi-fi as far as I'm concerned. Best stereo amplifiers 2020: Welcome to What Hi-Fi? About Hegel. Our verdict. The naming of the new Hegel H95 differs a bit, because if we look at the other models: the Hegel H360 has become the H390.The Hegel H160 became the H190 and the H100 became the H120.Now the Hegel H90 used to be the H70 and H80. Read the Hi-FI+ review of the H90 here. Sound is great but unstable. This means that it can receive and play media files from a UPnP/DLNA compatible media player such as BubbleUPnP on Android or mconnect player on iOS. I have to admit to looking at my notes both for the Röst and H80 in compiling this review, and found myself in agreement with myself, which is handy. Tags: amplifier, amplifier reviews, amplifiers hi fi, Hegel The Hegel H95 Amplifier is an upgrade from the company’s H90 amp but there has been no price hike from the £1500 asking price of the previous amp. I Rohkem. Hind : 1 352.00 EUR. I’ve been intrigued by the Hegel amps and thinking of upgrading my trusty Kandy K2 to one of these. Lars Ladingkær - 16. august 2017 - HiFi forstærker med DLNA og Airplay samt 24-bit DAC. Forums. Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:21 pm . However, there's more to the H390 than that: it offers almost all of the performance of its 'big brother', for about half the price!" EQUIPMENT REVIEW. For a limited time Hegel are offering a great saving of £250 on the Hegel H90 Integrated amplifier.. and the Hegel H90 is more than just an integrated amplifier it also has the ability to do network streaming, Apple Airplay, and a variety of digital and analogue connections. mon ressenti avec H90 + Lucia peut aussi se résumer en quelques mots : il y a du son mais pas de la musique Pour l'essentiel : Pro-ject Debut Carbon + Goldring 2300, SIM AUDIO Moon 110 LP, Lecteur OPPO UDP-203, Tuner Sansui TU-317, Atoll IN400SE, DAC Topping DX7 Pro, JMR Euterpe Suprême, Et … Unlike the H90, the H95’s internal network streamer will support UPnP, Spotify Connect (Premium and free tiers) plus the original Apple AirPlay. Thread starter insider9; Start date Feb 11, 2018; Sidebar Sidebar. Xperience ; Hegel Music Systems H120 Integrated Amplifier-DAC Print Email Written by Gordon Brockhouse Created: 01 December 2019 To my knowledge, in the 24 years of the SoundStage! Awards and press reviews speak for themselves. So H90 sounds logical. Review: Hegel H390 Half the price, the same brute power. Hegel H90 integrated amplifier by Alan Sircom. af. All (except streaming) of which are configurable to be fixed level inputs, allowing you to easily integrate the H90 in a Home theatre system. The H390 has Apple Airplay and UPnP streaming, with services like Spotify … Photo: Hegel Takes over after H90. Not being able to demo any under lock down, I'd really appreciate any opinions you could give me. Two questions--are they a significant upgrade from the NAD and is either one a better fit for my priorities. Hegel DAC HD30. By LB Tech Team 2019-01-03 - 9:55 am. The H90 provides a balanced set of features that includes proven technologies and can integrate with equipment already on the buyer's rack. Like the one in H95. Apr 30, 2012 434 184 19,070. "At first glance, Hegel's H390 looks like a slimmed-down, more affordable version of the Norwegian company's mighty H590 amplifier - which is hardly surprising, because that's just what it is. With the type of technology used by the Hegel … The Hegel 90 is actually cheaper than the CXA81 because i found a resealed one. In the Hegel H90 we included network streaming, Apple Airplay®, and a variety of digital and analogue connections. Simplifi (here) SoundStage! Yet it was aimed more towards those who wanted a sensible blend of features with nice sound, rather than being a take-no-prisoners audiophile amplifier. But … On the H95 Hegel made small improvements in the power supplies and in the implementation of the analog stage.