Typically, molecular biologists have a master's degree in biology. Being able to use his skills of problem-solving to improve diagnostic technologies leads him to describe a career in science as … Compile and analyze molecular or cellular experimental data and adjust experimental designs as necessary. Because molecular biologists may be exposed to toxic chemicals, they tend to wear safety equipment like gloves and goggles. Molecular Biologist, Michael Mullan, was fascinated by science from a young age. 3 semester (4 quarter) units of molecular biology or cell biology. Required courses usually include cell biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, ecology, general chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physics, molecular biology, multivariable calculus, and linear algebra. However, a master’s or doctorate degree will be required for the majority of the opportunities. 52% of molecular biologists have a doctorate, with the second most common being a bachelor's degree at 30%. What level of education do molecular biologists have? Education/Training Required: A bachelor’s degree in a life science with a concentration in molecular biology will allow you to obtain some roles. Typically, molecular biologists are expert chemists and geneticists. Thus, their academic background tends to include doctoral preparation in these academic areas. Education Requirements to Become a Molecular Biologist. Most molecular biologists have at least a bachelor's degree in biology or molecular biology. Maintain accurate laboratory records and data. If you'd like to teach or want to direct research in a molecular biology lab, you need to earn an advanced degree. Common courses for this program are biology, physiology, chemistry, mathematics and genetics. Those wanting to become a molecular biologist will need to complete a 4 year undergraduate program in molecular biology or mathematics would be sufficient. Education/Training Required: All molecular biologists must at least earn a bachelor’s degree in a related science field. Laboratory experience is essential and necessary to become a molecular biologist. Instruct undergraduate and graduate students within the areas of cellular or molecular biology. Password Show. Email or phone. Find Potential Universities/Colleges >. For him, it was only natural to progress into a career as a scientist. Molecular Biologists often have similar levels of education. For those who would rather stay in your pajamas during the day, we've also identified some online courses that can help in molecular biologist education paths. 18 semester (27 quarter) units of biology including: 3 semester (4 quarter) units of genetics. Sign in to save Molecular Biologist at Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. We also broke down what colleges are the best for obtaining those degrees, and found that molecular biologists have the best luck at Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania. For entry level positions, a candidate must have a minimum of a … These 4-year programs may include coursework in physics, calculus, cell biology, biochemistry and genetics. The level of education an individual needs to become a Molecular Biologist will heavily depend on whether they would like an entry level position or something more advanced. ... Get email updates for new Molecular Biologist jobs in Vicksburg, MS. A minimum of 10 semester (15 quarter) units of chemistry that must include an upper-division course in biochemistry.